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Sandwich Shop Under Fire For Requiring ID For Soft Drink Refills

Lancaster, CA - A local sandwich shop has come under fire by the ACLU for requiring patrons to provide a valid ID before getting soft drink refills. Big Al's Sandwich Shop and Screen Door Repair will no longer allow refills for soda unless a valid ID is handed over to Big Al himself. Al told us that he has been hit hard by the statewide soda shortage in California, and may need to close down shop if he cannot conserve soda. He has even been fined by the state Soda Commission for overuse this year.

"I had to take drastic measures", Big Al told us. "Since the great soda shortage began this year in California, I need to cut back on soda usage. We all need to do our part." he said. "These guys come in here with a McDonald's cup, get a free refill and slide out the door. I can't continue doing business like that. You want a soda refill, give me your ID and I'll give you an official Big Al cup. You get your ID back when I get my cup back!"

The ACLU has stepped in and is investigating Big Al for discrimination and civil rights violations. They believe that asking for an ID is violating the civil rights of Hispanic migrant workers in the Lancaster area. Big Al strongly disagrees and told us that migrant workers don't eat at his shop. "The boys from immigration eat lunch here from time to time. You will never catch a wetback eating here." Al told us.

TNT relayed this to the ACLU and we got a response back, "We at the ACLU believe that Big Al is discriminating against someone by asking for ID's. If not the poor Mexican's, then maybe the gays, lesbians, transgenders, Muslims, African Americans, women or Native Americans. We will keep prodding and probing until we find something to nail him on."

Until the ACLU uncovers what Big Al is really up to, he will continue to card for Coke.