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Teen Arrested After Bringing Confederate Flag Clock To School

ATHENS, GA - A teenager was arrested today at David Duke High School in Atlanta after allegedly bringing a Confederate flag clock to science class.

When Bobbie Byrd Jr. went to his high school in Athens, Georgia, Monday, he was so excited. A teenager with dreams of becoming an engineer, he wanted to show his teacher the clock he'd made from a Confederate flag plate.

The 14-year-old's day ended not with praise, but punishment, after the school called police and he was arrested.

"I built a clock to impress my teacher but when I showed it to her, she thought it was a threat to her," Bobbie told reporters Wednesday. "It was really sad that she took the wrong impression of it."

Bobbie talked to the media gathered on his front yard and appeared to wear the same KKK T-shirt he had on in a picture taken as he was being arrested. In the image, he looks confused and upset as he's being led out of school in handcuffs.

"They arrested me and they told me that I committed a hate crime, an offensive gesture," the freshman later explained to the NAACP after authorities released him on bail.

Athens Police spokesman Officer Martin King told the station, "We attempted to question the juvenile about what it was and he would simply only tell us that it was a clock."

The teenager did that because, well, it was a clock, a very offensive clock, he said.

On Wednesday, police announced the teen will be charged with attempted murder and assault because of the injuries sustained to classmates who were offended by the clock.

Three students were hospitalized when they saw the clock and became very, very, very offended. They are being treated for dehydration, shock, brain trauma and offensivitis due to the intense levels of offendedness they felt.