WGN Offends Jews With Horrible Image

WGN Offends Jews

WGN News Chicago shocked and offended Jewish people when it used a graphic of the patch that Nazis forced Jews to wear in Germany before WWII. The graphic shown above, was displayed during a story about the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur.

TNT talked with WGN News producer Andy Semite, and he told us, "we are sorry that we got caught showing the image".

CONFIRMED: John Lennon Still Dead!

John Lennon Still Dead

True News Today has confirmed that John Lennon is still dead.

Despite making the news today for mocking disabled people 50 years ago, TNT was able to get to the truth. We asked Yoko Ono today if John's ashes were still on her mantle, and she told us to F**k off. We'll take that as a "yes".

Mysterious Naked Woman Rescued Three Miles Off Shore

Mysterious Naked Woman Rescued Three Miles Off Shore

A naked woman was rescued far out in the water from the Newport Beach coast and officials are still flummoxed over how she got there.

Jeb Bush Undergoes Gender Reassignment Surgery

Jeb Bush Bares His Breasts

Jeb Bush shocked his supporters during a rally in New Hampshire today, when he ripped open his shirt to reveal female breasts.

Jeb opened the rally with a surprise announcement that he had undergone gender reassignment surgery and is now a female.

Joe Biden To Play Lead Role In Naked Gun Sequel

Joe Biden To Play In Naked Gun Movie

Vice President Joe Biden is penned to play the leading role in an upcoming sequel to the Naked Gun series. VP Biden will play the role of the dimwitted, clumsy and comical Lt. Frank Drebin in the new movie, "Naked Gun - Shotgun Showdown". True News Today had a chance to sit down with Joe to talk about the movie.

Poisonous Snake Bites Man's Penis

Odang Midong - penisbitten by snake

A man was bitten on the penis by a poisonous snake yesterday while he was taking a bathroom break near the side of the road. Odang Midong was driving along the I15 near Baker when he realized that he needed to stop to urinate. Too far from any rest stops, Odang decided to pull to the side of the road and relieve himself in a field. "That's when it bit me!" said Odang. "I unzipped my fly and started to pee. As soon as I closed my eyes and looked toward the sky with relief, I felt a sharp jolt and then pain."


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