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Obama Blocks Child ISIS Jihadi From Twitter

President Obama has blocked the child ISIS Jihadi that called him the "Dog of Rome" from following him on Twitter. In a harsh statement by the President yesterday, Obama told reporters that "these freedom fighters need to learn that they can't go around insulting folks like that. Words can be just as hurtful as cutting off someone's head".

The President said that he plans to spend the rest of the week reviewing his Twitter account and blocking any followers that post hurtful messages or opposing views.

Ahmed Mohamed Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Ahmed Mohamed, the young inventor who was arrested for bringing his science project to school has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Ahmed, the inventor of the "Pencil Box Clock Thingy", accepted the award last Friday in front of a cheering crowd of at least five onlookers. The woman who handed the award to Ahmed, Irma Nidiot said that Ahmed deserves this award as much as President Obama deserved his Nobel Prize.

TNT True Fact: History of the Condom

In the 14th century, Muslims invented the condom by using intestines from goats. A few centuries later, Catholics improved the condom by removing the intestine from the goat before using it.

TNT True Fact.

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