SINGAPORE — Authorities have apprehended a 54-year-old man in connection with the alleged theft of over $100,000 from a passenger’s bag during a flight on March 5.

The incident, as reported by the police on March 6, occurred aboard a plane traveling from Hong Kong to Singapore.

Upon arrival at Changi Airport, the passenger discovered that US$80,000 (S$107,000) in cash was missing from the bag, according to law enforcement officials.

Initial inquiries revealed that the victim had stored the bag in the overhead compartment but did not observe any suspicious activity, police stated.

Subsequent investigation efforts by the Airport Police Division, in collaboration with the Commercial Affairs Department, led to the identification of the suspect.

«The initial probe indicated that the individual had allegedly conducted four remittance transactions totaling $37,897.70, suspected to involve the stolen cash, at People’s Park Complex,» authorities reported.

The suspect’s transactions were promptly intercepted, and he was apprehended on the same day.

Upon his arrest, the man was found to be in possession of various currencies and denominations amounting to $79,662.83.

Legal proceedings will be initiated against the suspect for theft, with potential penalties including imprisonment for up to three years, fines, or both.

In light of the incident, law enforcement advised travelers to safeguard their cash and valuables rather than stowing them in overhead compartments during flights.

Passengers were urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior, such as unauthorized access to overhead compartments, to cabin crew promptly.

Assistant Commissioner M. Malathi, Commander of the Airport Police Division, emphasized the gravity of theft on aircraft, affirming the commitment of airport authorities to uphold security and safety measures.

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